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We're always on the lookout for friendly guilds who want to become a part of our community. At the moment we're almost full on our primetime (18:00-23:00 GMT) so it would be best to contact our server recruitment rep Goldi (goldibird.6375) if you're wanting to transfer and play during these times and we may be able to squeeze you in.

If you decide to go ahead and transfer anyway, we of course cannot stop you, however these kind of actions will not be welcomed by the community so your guild would not be given some of the community priveleges of other guilds.

Outside of primetime we're not particularly busy and would welcome a NA / Oceanic guild for our night crew.
Welcome to Our New Home
Posted by: I Am Dansker in Website Announcements on April 01, 2015, 15:33:34
What is new?
We have added a lot of new features for the new site and a lot more will follow soon!

No longer will you have to wait for a moderator to check if you are on Far Shiverpeaks in order to get access

Now you just have to perform 3 simple steps which can be found here if you need any help

The authentication process is now fully automatic which means it will also remove your permissions once you leave Far Shiverpeaks (spies be gone!)

Authenticating will also give the website access to your display name which will be featured next to your profile information when you post

We now have a dedicate page for uploading your awesome GuildWars2 footage!

Currently it only supports upload of videos, however we plan on adding a comment section for each video soon.

Guilds Integration
Guilds are now going to be a bigger part of the site with the integration of Guilds.

See this page if you want your guild added to the website

Showcase your guild
Each guild now has their own page they can customize to represent their guild the way they like it

Your guild will also occasionally be featured on the front page of the website

Guild Videos
With the new video section, we have added an option when uploading a video to mark it as a Guild video
This will make the video show up on your guilds page as well as the normal videos page, however it will now feature your guild emblem on the preview image of the video :)


One size doesn't fit all!

We currently support two different themes, each with a blue and red variation
You can easily switch between themes by using the navigation bar in the top right corner

Here is a quick preview of what each theme and it's color variation looks like

Light Theme

Darker Theme

What is to Come!
This is just the first milestone, we have a lot more to come in the following weeks :)

Automatic Guild Assignment
Right now you as a guild leader, has to assign who is in your guild manually. However a we have talked with a ArenaNet dev who says they plan on having the new Guilds API ready within a couple of weeks.
Once the API is out, we will make the process fully automatic as a part of the Authentication process.

Video Comment Section
As mentioned earlier, we plan on adding a comment section to each video

Display Guild Tag
This was just short of being ready. Expect it to be here within a day

Teamspeak Authentication
Once we have made sure the authentication process works without any problems, we will integrate it with our Teamspeak server as well.

This should limit any potential spy problem we might have to only be possible by players who is actually on Far Shiverpeaks

Also it means we will no longer have to manually add people on TS when they ask in map chat ;D

Obligatory Bugfixes!
We know there are a few hiccups here and there and more will probably be discovered in the next few days

If you happen to find a bug, please report it here

Anything you would really like us to add?
If you have any suggestions, big or small! feel free to send them to us here

PS. if you can't be bothered with logging into Github, just post it as a reply to this thread, however it is easier to manage this stuff there :)

Pro Tip
Use the button at the bottom of the forum so every old post doesn't show up as new :)

Re: Welcome to Our New Home
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